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Luxurious & Spacious Rooms

Enter our newly build spacious accommodations providing the guests all the luxurious amenities capped with the huge and comfortable four post beds which are the centerpiece of each room providing an elegant ambiance to the setting.

Exquisite cuisine to tickle your palette

Indulge yourself in our choice of meals served for breakfast and other meals on request. We can offer continental, Sri Lankan and Sea food delicacies to delight your taste buds. 

Ideal location for surfing and other activities

Make Aqua Blue your ideal setting for your much loved activity – surfing. With easy access to the Arugam Bay beach you will find it so easy to check the tide as and when you require and engage in surfing at your own will.

Spend hours relaxing

At Aqua Blue you could make time stand still.The hammocks belonging to each guest room are ideally placed to make you use them to your optimum relaxation while diving into your favourite novel and ensure you finish it during your stay.

Enjoy a quick dip in the blue pool

In keeping with the theme of the hotel the aqua blue pool is an ideal place to relax and unite with other guests. Yet another place to make your time pass leisurely.

Experience the wild at a stone's throw

The surrounding ares are rich in natural beauty and culture. The Lahugala and the Yala East National Parks are ideal for spotting Elephants and Leopards while the Kumana Park is home to over 200 species of Birds. Engage in a jeep safari in the Panama sand dunes and drift and swirl in the sand. 


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The Surfing Destination

Of course surfing is Arugam Bay’s speciality, and the area offers a variety of right-hand point breaks that delight even the most experienced surfers. Access to surfing spots can be arranged from guesthouses where you will also be able to hire surfboards if you don’t have your own. During May to October, which is dry season on the east coast, the bay becomes safe for swimming, and best for surfing. There are some beautiful coral reefs and an unbelievable number of tropical fish to be seen in and around the area where the best snorkelling, on a calm day, is on the southern tip of the bay. Arugam village is situated in the bay of the same name on one of the nicest stretches of the south east coast with many miles of pristine beaches, It was once occupied by the Dutch as a military post and had a small mud fort. For the past quarter-century, however, it has been seasonally occupied by cosmopolitan surfers attracted by the waves and discerning travellers who appreciate the splendour of its isolation.